Jeevan Vivegananthan is a dynamic senior executive with deep expertise in bringing products and services to market while delivering operational excellence. His career has spanned over three decades leading multi-disciplinary engineering, innovation, user experiential design and customer success teams. Jeevan also has extensive experience with end consumers and clients, having led product management teams building video, AdTech, security and streaming solutions for global entertainment, financial, industrial and consumer markets.

As the SVP Technology, Innovation & Operations at Cineplex Digital Media, a key growth division of Cineplex, Jeevan is responsible for strategy development and operational execution of the technology, innovation and customer success teams. Dedicated to helping retailers and brands build impactful customer experiences in the rapidly evolving digital-out-of-home market; capitalizing on the trends in machine learning, programmatic, IoT, mobile and data analytics to create seamless customer journeys between online and offline places.

Jeevan’s passion for teamwork with colleagues and partners of diverse experiences and mind-sets has led him to embrace the value of open innovation and collaboration, permeated by the notion that the best ideas come from innately curious people asking questions. Beyond his technical leadership roles, Jeevan is an executive member of the culture, diversity, equality and inclusion teams at Cineplex and is an active volunteer in his local community.