ARISTID Retail Technology is an enterprise software company developing leading-edge digital tools that help retailers deliver personalized commercial communications at scale, increase their profitability, and accelerate their digital transformation. Our enterprise-class SaaS platform is designed specifically to enable large retailers to communicate promotional offer content to their consumers on any digital channel, while revolutionizing and optimizing the way you produce marketing offer content.  

Founded in the 1980’s, with a long history as a luxury fine food distributor in France, our founders were challenged by their retail clients to provide new sets of services: first, to improve the quality of retailers’ promotional in-store advertising, prompting us to build one of Europe’s premier pre-media agencies and retail print logistics groups. Later, we were challenged to help guide our retail clients through their digital journeys, allowing them to escape from the limitations of the paper space and become leading actors in the world of digital promotional marketing and processes. 

Now, with 350 experts and offices in four countries, our clients generate millions of paper- and digital-based flyer and catalogue elements (pages, signs, ads), and live data feeds featuring localized pricing for print and digital channels, reaching tens of millions of European consumers every day.