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Diyas and Dragons: Harnessing Cultural Holidays

September 8, 2022

2:50 pm

- 3:20 pm


Howard Litchtman, MBA, JD

Howard Litchtman, MBA, JD

Partner & Co-Founder

Ethnicity Matters

As Canada’s consumer landscape evolves, the idea of a “holiday season” is also evolving and Canadian retailers are eager to engage. One in five Canadians is foreign-born — that’s equivalent to the population of the province of Quebec.  Another million newcomers are arriving every year, with many never having heard of Canadian retail brands. Howard Lichtman, Partner and Co-Founder of Ethnicity Matters, unpacks the growth opportunities of cultural holidays including Diwali, Eid, Dragonboat Festival, Holi, and Singles Day, amongst others. Learn how to apply strategic thinking and be confident of authentic recognition that lets customers know you are prioritizing connection before the sale.

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