New Realities for an Uncertain Future

The pandemic has accelerated much of the change that was already present in the market, amplifying nascent trends that have now become decisive factors in the shifting retail and marketing landscape. Join Spencer as he highlights these trends and maps out the implications for brands and marketers alike, weaving insights and observations from the last global economic crisis, consumer behaviour, technology and business


Spencer Saunders
Art & Science, President

Talent and Team of the Future

The skills and experience you want on your marketing team are evolving. Join us for this session to help expand your mindset about key players needed on the team, how DEI values are included in the team building process, and the added value experienced marketers can be in building diverse thinking teams across the organization.


Jeff Tate
Chief Innovation Officer, Henry’s


Ian Rosen
Executive Vice President, Digital and Strategy, Harry Rosen

Fast Five: Shopping Through a New Lens

In Q2 2021, more than 200 million Snapchatters engage with Augmented Reality every day on average. Learn how you can unlock the world of AR this Festive Shopping Season and drive real business results.


Matt McGowan
Director and General Manager, Canada , Snap Inc.

Future of Flyer Strategy

As retailers look to the future and continue to shift focus from print, it is imperative that they set the right path to success before making the leap into digital flyer utopia. Breaking the emotional attachment of the printed flyer within the four walls of retail and converting shoppers to 100% digital flyer formats can be challenging and will fail if not done with a well thought out plan. Canac has done just this and Patrick Deslile, Director of Marketing with Canac chats with Mark Smith, Director, Retail Partnerships at reebee about the move to digital flyer, customer responses and the unexpected challenges and fruitful opportunities.


Mark Smith
Director, Retail Partnerships , Reebee Inc.


Patrick Delisle
Director of Marketing, Canac

Networking Break

It’s time to revisit your marketing mix

As we enter the tail end of 2021, retailers need to be adjusting their marketing plans for the upcoming holiday season and into next year. It goes without saying that consumers and retailers have experienced a lot of change during 2021, which means that the “usual” marketing approach isn’t going to be as effective as it once was. How people spend their time and how they shop has changed dramatically, which creates an opportunity for forward-thinking retailers to proactively adjust their marketing approach to better reach prospective customers at the right time with the right message. During this thought-provoking session we will discuss how you can modify your marketing mix to leverage your physical store locations into online success, how to gather and use first-party data to increase the effectiveness of your digital campaigns, and exciting ideas to merge offline/online customer experiences.


Steve Buors
CEO and Co-Founder, Reshift Media

Privacy in Retail

The modern consumer demands increased privacy and control which can be easy to deliver until contrasted with the desire for personalized and tailor-made services and content. Kristina Smith, Chief Privacy Officer with Holt Renfrew, shares why now is a critical time to reevaluate your privacy strategy. Kristina talks about CASL from a loyalty perspective, the removal of cookies and how you can build trust and loyalty with your customers.


Kristina Smith
Chief Privacy Officer, Holt Renfrew


Santo Ligotti
Vice-President, Membership Relations and Services, Retail Council of Canada

Behind the Social Media Curtain with Brittlestar

Social media has become a crucial tool for brands and retailers to connect with consumers, however creating engagement that delights can be a challenging art form. Stewart “Brittlestar” Reynolds gives us a peek behind the curtain about his experiences with forced opportunity and where he finds creative inspiration to test new ideas to entertain followers while honoring the brands being featured.


Steward Reynolds
Content Creator, Brittlestar

Closing Remarks