Postmedia is a trusted and reliable network of 130+ media brands, with credentials of outstanding journalism, extensive digital capabilities, and an audience of millions of Canadians each month. Our unparalleled platform of trusted local and national Canadian brands also provides businesses with exclusive access to an owned and operated advertising and marketing channel and a wealth of first-party data that enables better campaign results, not just on the Postmedia network but on search and social channels as well.

At Postmedia Solutions, we can raise the profile of your business, help outsmart your competition, and generate more leads for you. We integrate tactics to maximize your impact and return on investment on the Postmedia network and beyond.

We are known for building long-term partnerships with our 19,000+ customers. Working with 30,000+ businesses across Canada makes Postmedia uniquely qualified to provide tailored campaigns that drive success for businesses.

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